Black Light Circle band is Artie Desbiens Guitar and vocals, and Karen Desbiens Vocals and Bass.  They are based in Southern California. They are heavily influenced by 70's classic rock and feature electric and acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, and drums. Their debut CD Lothlorien contains acoustic as well as rock tracks, with a lot of vocal harmony throughout; it's a very diverse musical endeavor, and reminiscent of songs from the '70's. The band concentrates on venues that cater to original music,

  Black Light Circle has been featured on the Scott Rox Radio show, KSVY 97.1 out of Sonoma CA, Rock On Radio as the guests of Danny Coleman. and most recently played the Summer Breakout  Concert at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ and the Stanhope house, in Stanhope NJ 

On December 2016 Black Light Circle  released  their second CD, Colours of Cats, which is a mix of old school rock with a 70's flavor, with a dash of country. 

June 2017: Black Light Circle's released their third CD, Mythical Creatures, , On this CD the bands musical roots are evident, with power-driven guitars, and strong bluesy vocals,

July 2017: Black Light Circle is  endorsement by JCR Originals/London. Check out their website at  

January 2018 Black light Circle released their 4th studio cd Magical Matches - with a harder edge Then their previous albums and featured the songs Power Lock, Liberty, and Lost in Place. 

June 2018 Black Light Circle is  sponsored by Coldcock Whiskey

November 2018 Black Light Circle released their 5th studio album entitled "Rising From the Ashes" which produced 2 of their most popular songs to date "Silver mine" and "Going Backwards" 

February 2019 Black Light Circle Released a CD entitled "Space Rats" , and in February 2020,  "Songs from Esco ".


Black Light Circle are  based in Southern California and  are currently in the studio.


Karen Desbiens -  Vocals, Bass *  Artie Desbiens - Guitar, Keyboards, Alesis sr18 on Drums

Karen Desbiens - Vocals, Bass * Artie Desbiens - Guitar, Keyboards, Alesis sr18 on Drums